Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lacking wisdom

I’ve been suffering this week. I had a wisdom tooth out on Monday afternoon which wasn’t the nicest experience of my life. I don’t think I’d quite prepared myself for the brutality of it. All those cracks and pulling... yuk. 
Anyway, I’ve been living on adrenaline for quite a while now (I suspect this isn’t an unusual state for someone with three children under seven) but this operation brought me down to earth with a resounding crash. I don’t think I realised just how much I relied on that adrenaline for my writing inspiration too. I’ve been trying to write this week, but it’s been like wading through treacle. 
Up until then I’d been gliding along, with everything sparkly and bright, each action and reaction seeming to be exactly as it should be. Maybe my body’s been on a serotonin bender or something? Ever felt like that yourself?
I did wonder at one point whether my wisdom tooth was the source of all my power and I’d just blithely had it yanked away from me :)
Anyway, woke up this morning feeling almost alive again, thank God!
I’ve nearly finished the first chapter of my New Years Eve story and have a pretty solid outline worked out. It’s good to know where you’re going - at least I find it is. 
I used to be a bit of a pantser, that was before I realised my hero and heroine each needed a character arc as well as finding a good story arc that would keep a reader... well... reading. Now, I find if I’ve got an idea about what I need to put each of them through to give them that ‘aha!’ moment I can let myself tap away, giving them fun sexy times, while meandering towards a crunch point. It seems to be working out okay so far. 
I guess it takes a while to figure out the best method for you, and as long as you keep yourself open to trying new things, it’s all going to come out well in the wash. 
What’s your favoured writing method? Have you always worked that way or was it a case of trial and error for you?
Happy writing!

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