Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Love in the South Hams

I took my husband away to celebrate his birthday last weekend. My fabulous mother-in-law had the kids so we were actually able to talk to each other without being interrupted and everything.

I adore the South Hams in Devon and found us a fantastic old manor house to stay in called Fingals.

Espresso shots in the bar

A quirky welcome

This place was so full of character

Anyone for tennis?

The hot tub & pool complete with paintings of ladies with their boobs out (not pictured)

 We did a couple of trips out once we could drag ourselves away from the hotel.

Funky Totnes
Time warp

There's always time for high-tea

We also went to Dartmouth, which is just cool.

Sitting on the dock of the bay, eating a cream tea

If you're ever looking for a diverse, funky place to visit, I can highly recommend the South Hams. There are amazing shops, idilic Devon villages and some truly fabulous seascapes.

Where's your favourite place for a weekend away?


  1. Oooh that looks divine! No weekends away for us recently as our son is only 11 months old but I can dream!

  2. Yeah, it's tough to get away when they're really little. We're really lucky to have parents who are retired and looking for things to do. The kids always have a blast when we're away because they're practically drip-fed chocolate and TV by their doting grandparents :)